Moving between functions within a file in Emacs

Showing basic browsing of the current file functions definitions.

Further Reading

  • package-imenu-mode
  • package-which-function-mode
  • package-occur-mode

Also known as:

  • Structure Tool Window in IntelliJ IDEA
    Displays the structure of a file currently opened in the editor
  • Symbols in the current document in TextMate
    For languages that support it, the rightmost pop-up in the status bar shows the current 'symbol'. It is possible to click on the pop-up to get a list of all the symbols in the current document and move the caret to one of these. For keyboard navigation there is also Navigation → Go to Symbol… (⇧⌘T)
  • FufBufferTag in Vim
    Searches the tags from the current active buffer :FufBufferTag